Quilted Bible Book Cover

April 20, 2010 · 0 comments

I have two Bibles that I use. One is a larger, standard size that I use to study with and take notes in. The other is a small one I keep on hand to take with me to church or anywhere else. The little one is definitely showing its wear, and the cover is falling apart. And no, it’s not necessarily because I study from it ten hours a day 😉

Money is really tight around here these days (know the feeling?). I was feeling rather mopey about not being able to buy a new Bible (now, wasn’t that rather holy of me?).

I poked around the internet for a Bible book cover pattern and I found one here! Because my Bible is smaller, I decided I didn’t need carrying handles or a place to put a pen. Then I searched through my fabric stash and found some leftovers from my pillow project. Two hours later, this is what my old Bible looked like!


I’m as pleased as pie! (Is there such a thing?!) I love the inner lining:

It came out so great, I’m going to make more! I think my bigger Bible needs one. I think my friends need one. Do you need one? :)

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