A Day in My Life, Part 3

February 7, 2012 · 1 comment

If you missed it, you can catch part one here, and part two here.

Late Afternoon to Evening

I manage to put my feet up and knit two rows for my baby’s blanket, while the children are cleaning up after lunch and finishing their music lessons and artwork.  This is how this blanket is progressing:  two rows at a time.  I am not an accomplished knitter.  I don’t even consider myself a “good” knitter.  I have to completely pay attention to every stitch, and after two rows my mind starts to wander and I’m too inexperienced to zone out and just let my hands work.  But, even with two rows at a time…progress is made.  It is a good reminder to me, how forward motion or any change is accomplished:  by degrees, by steps, by plodding.  Sometimes it just takes two rows at a time.

I give a writing lesson to my friend’s daughter, listening to her read her excellent writing, and then do a dictation.  I help her with her new composition’s outline, and instruct her in some areas.  We use Classical Writing and love the program.  It combines very, very well with Spell to Write and Read and to the foundation we have from Institute for Excellence in Writing.   I count my blessings to have such rich curriculum helps, and I am slowly (“two rows at a time”) finding and repairing the gaps I have in my own education.  
Our friends leave, and we go through the comical routine of what did they leave behind this time? (books, jackets, and even her toddler’s peepee pants!).  We set them all by the mudroom door.  And yes, I plan to launder the pants!
I sit for a bit, catching up on some email and Twitter.  I peruse the book loaned by a friend, Goat Song, and besides sighing over such lovely writing, begin taking notes for what I’ll need when my own goats kid in May and mark items in the Hoegger’s catalog.  Plus the book has given me new words to look up.  Words like flehman response, and kulning.  I catch up on paperwork for the Kinder Goats Breeders Association, and make sure my files are in order, too.
I’m tired at this point, but hunger wins over and I begin to prepare for supper. I cut up the last of my winter squash, an interesting variety of pumpkin, and put it to bake for mash.  I find leftover steaks we cooked up and turn them into steak bites, coating them with flour and seasoning to fry up for our supper.  I ponder making gravy.  Salad is prepared, and I glance at the clock.  It is close to 6:00 already, and I invite the music teacher to stay for supper, not knowing how the meal will stretch but trusting God to multiply it all.  I leave everything ready to quickly assemble while music lessons finish up, lie down to read a book to my 7 year old, and finally give in to a twenty minute cat nap.
My day ends with supper, and I begin to reset my mind for the ‘morrow.  I eye the starter on the counter and plan to make pizza dough for tomorrow.  I plan my bath (epson salts with lavender) and think about 
projects waiting for me.  Maybe tonight I will get some more cutting for my quilt done.  Or maybe I will read through the Shabby Chic library book to help me prepare for my big flea market trip in June. Or maybe I’ll just look through my new Mollie Makes magazine, or begin putting words to my day for a blogpost.  I’ll check in and tweet with my friends a bit, and finally, Lord willing (and kids don’t start throwing up or an earthquake doesn’t occur or….) I’ll begin my fresh new day with a good night’s sleep.

It’s a blessed life I have, and I’m thankful.

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Stacy February 14, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Keri Mae,I really enjoyed reading about your day. You have a lovely life :)It made me happy to see how you weave homeschooling throughout your day. I'm learning how to do that.Thanks for sharing.


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