Christmas Card Art: From Pinterest to Pin-ter-DO

November 20, 2013 · 3 comments

I love how you can learn so many things on the internet. I think the trick is to not simply pop everything onto Pinterest for that nebulous “whenever” but to actually try your hand at some of the things that inspired you to pin them in the first place. Many thanks go to Christy Tomlinson for the tutorial that inspired these works of art.


Christmas art


I used Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest for the background. I like hunting in used book stores for old devotionals and hymn books to use, both for reading and for artwork.






I understand the reasons some Christians forgo using Christmas trees. And I’m sure they understand why some of us still do. Aren’t you glad it’s not an issue of primary importance?










I had so much fun doing these that I invited my daughters and some of their friend to make their own. The table was full of papers, stamps, paints, and mod podge.  Glitter. Laughter.  I think they were slightly flummoxed by how *messy* my own art was!




They did a great job! And yes, there was glorious glitter everywhere!  What’s Christmas art without glitter?




Of course I had to make another one with them.  Here I used an enlarged photocopy from the Bible for the verse.



I’ve been planning the handwork and crafts I want to do this Christmas season with (and without) my children, using inspiration from places like Pinterest.  How big are your Pinterest boards?  Are you going to try doing some of the things that inspire you there this month?