More Downsizing the Kitchen…and Closet

June 5, 2014 · 7 comments

After spending some time yesterday in my new kitchen, I decided that what I had to do was come up with a plan. I did the same thing when we were building our current house, and I even labeled (on paper drawings) drawers and cabinets with *exactly* what was going to go where. Last night I opened my current cabinets and took a good look around and asked myself: WHERE were these particular things going to go?

toddler plates and cups

tea and coffee goods

glasses and mugs

wraps and jar lids


mixing bowls


baking goods

vitamins and tinctures



napkins and aprons

paper goods

pantry foods

herbs and supplies

pots and pans

small appliances

table linens

special dinnerware

cookie cutters & other rarely used tools

Once I had that list, the kitchen became much easier to visualize. Oh, those will go on the open shelving on that wall…I’ll be hanging those up in that spot…these could go in the hall closet…I could put my sweet dresser in that spot and use those drawers….

I’ll be priming for paint soon, so keep visiting for updates. I’m currently pulling my hair out trying to pick “The Right White Paint”. Oy.

Here’s a picture of my current master bedroom closet; it’s a roomy walk-in, with rods on both sides and a place to dress. Yes, those are all my clothes. I hate shopping and practically only go when my girlfriends drag me and promise me fancy $5 coffee drinks while we’re out.


Annnnnnnd this is the closet we’ll be moving into. Yes, that is it. That one rod on the wall. Bet you can’t wait to see what I come up with! (Me, too!)


Oh, and lastly, here is a blog that a thoughtful reader sent to me. I found it totally inspiring! Five people living in beautiful 655 square feet.