Downsizing Our Home…Upsizing Our Family…Part 2

July 9, 2014 · 2 comments

moving day

Good-bye Big House

Over a week later, I *finally* have internet. I must say, though, the world didn’t come to an end without a connection. This past week has been STRESSFUL..I suppose I will be glad I didn’t have the internet distraction to make it worse. Lots and lots of unpacking, finding where to put things, trying to chase after two toddlers, while getting all the bigger and all the slower-er. AND while trying to go back to the old house–a 45 minute drive each way–to do all of those things to get it ready for listing. I will freely (and sadly) admit that my patience has worn thin and I have NOT been the pretty picture of patience and grace every moment of every day. Thankfully, when one of us is falling apart, there are plenty of others in our family to pick up and carry on.


Sorry this is short, but I just wanted to post another podcast update. I have much more to share, but time IS short these days (did I mention we just had in-laws visiting, too?).


Thank you for your prayers and comments! And–yes–we were really tired!



Hello, Little House

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Rebecca July 9, 2014 at 8:42 pm

I love you guys! You are amazing to do the MOST fun podcast EVER!!!!!! while so, so tired. Now, THAT is commitment to those of us who listen. I LOVED hearing the harrowing story of your ongoing move and how God is using all of this to grow you as you walk in faith. I loved hearing about Paige and the clothesline. Hearing the dog bark and the sounds of the night and your description of the stars was precious. You probably cannot even imagine what a blessing you two are and what your story is doing for people. You probably cannot imagine how what you are going through and recording will reach and encourage someone listening years from now. You have always been such a blessing to me and I have learned so much from what you have shared but you sharing this part of your lives is the most challenging and faith building of all. Thank you for loving your readers/listeners enough to share and to encourage even as you endure yourselves. It’s kind of like, due to the huge storms of life, there are some who have fallen off the ship and are swimming madly toward the life rafts and there you are, also heading to the rafts but making sure everybody makes it – not willing to leave anyone behind. God bless you both and your whole beautiful family!
Much love,


kerimae July 9, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Thank you, Rebecca. Thank you ALL, truly, for such amazing encouragement. We appreciate the cheering on :)


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